Dr. Luv Vyas

About Me:

In present scenario when one is flooded with innumerable options for skin treatments, and hair solutions both in terms of procedures and products, there has always been an unmet need for a ONE STOP SOLUTION that specializes in hair and provides effective, holistic solution for hair loss, hair fall, scalp problems like dandruff premature graying, hair health and hair growth also with an emphases on aesthetic solution for Pimples, Pigmentation, Dark Circles, Warts, Pre Mature Ageing signs with this focus Dr. Luv Vyas Trichology & Cosmetology opened his first centre in the city of takes Udaipur in 2008 since then in coming years, with intensive global search for best in class medical solution, understanding customers needs & customizing for Indian hair and skin especially suited to extreme climatic conditions Dr. Luv’s expanded with its branches in Bhilwara in 2012 and Chittorgarh in 2014

Dedicated to accomplish hair and skin requirements of the masses and treatments begin with and in depth detected consultation to find out the root cause which is then followed by a combination of therapies, home care products and lifestyle & diet advisory.

We have received around 95% customer satisfaction for treatments of hair & skin related problems.So have Great Hair & Beautiful Flawless Skin.

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