It is the shredding of dead skin cells from the scalp creation small amount of flaking is normal. It is a common scalp disorder often causing itching & its severity may fluctuate with seaxe and Mosley worsens in hairloss

Causative Factors:-

1]. Dry Skin.
2]. Poor Hygiene.
3]. Shampooing After.
4]. Psoriasis, Eczema.
5]. Fungal infection (Malassezia Furfur)
6]. Exposure to Chemical.
7]. Continuous and Regular use of Scarves, Helmets and caps.
8]. Exposure to Hard Water.

What we can do:-

Dandruff can only be CONTROLLED & not cured is a disorder and not a disease Awareness & regular maintenance is most important in treating this problem.


As hair treatment requires time, periodic review, quality products & runtime maintenance Tricho scalp. Treatment is advised for healthy hair lifestyle.