Premature Greying


Hair gets its colors form a pigment called melanin, produced by melanocyte cells in hair follicles. When melanocyte cumulative damage over the years, it eventually leaves then unable to produce melanin production have been called to DNA damage and build up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles without melanin the new hair that grows in has no pigment which makes it appear grey white or silver.

Causative Factors:-

Premature graying has been contributed because of certain factors like:-
1]. Hereditary (Maternal/ paternal).
2]. Smoking Deficiency.
3]. (Vitamin Dietary Biz Deficiency) Iron Copper & Zinc Deficiency.
4]. Allergic Problems Like Sinusitis
5]. Psychological Problems, Like Stress, Anxiety etc.
6]. LifeStyle Disorders Like Insomnia (Loss of Sleep).
7]. Major Illness

What we can do:-

Premature graying can always be CONTROLLED not CURED, henceforth the main target is to stop the spreading of grey hairs till the physiological age of graying i.e. 30 and above.


1]. Based on causative factors a detailed evolution is done of the patient to assess the degree & nature of the problems homoeopathic.
2]. A specific medicine is selected to arouse the synthesis of pigment melanin.
3]. Specific tripo-scalp treatment is give along with home care products & life style advisory.