Hair Loss

Hair Loss Pathophysiology:-

Hair loss through a regular growth cycle.(Anagen -> Catagen -> Telogen) during anagen phase (3-4 yrs) the hair grows. during telogen phase (3m) the hair rests. At the end of the telogen phase the hair falls out & new hair comes in the average person lose about 100 hairs each day. Losing excess can be due aging factors, drug or any diseax.

    Men loss the hair on top of their head (framing a loss-shoe shaped ring) which is called as male-patterned boldness & is caused by genes & male hormone testosterone. In females, the pattern of hair loss is diffused i.e. the hair thins throughout the top of the scalp.

Causative Factors:-

1]. Medications (Antidepressants, OCP’s, Hormonal Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy).
2]. Surgery.
3]. Thyroid Imbalance.
4]. Stress.
5]. Severe Infections.
6]. Hormonal Imbalance.
7]. Iron Deficiency Anaemia.
8]. Pregnancy and Lactation.

What we can do:-

1]. Physical analysis of hair through digital capilloscope and a thorough examination to assess the root cause of the problem.
2]. Specific homoeopathic medicine is individualised according to patient is selected to prevent excess hair fall new hair growth stimulation.
3]. Tricho-scalp treatment is given to stimulate hair follicles. Along with this a specific hair case regime is given as home case with diet & lifestyle advisory.


As hair treatment requires time, periodic review, quality products & runtime maintenance Tricho scalp. Treatment is advised for healthy hair lifestyle.